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What do I get with my order?
     You get a downloadable version of the FlipSmart program as soon as you order.  An email will be sent with a link. Please uninstall the Trial Versions first.

What is the refund policy?
     You have a 14-day refund period. You will have to put in a code that disables the program. Once that has been done we will issue the refund. No refunds after 14 days.

Will I get MLS access?
     No. The MLS button is simply a quick link to the MLS service you already have access to. If you do not have access to an MLS service, FlipSmart will not provide that.

Do I get free updates?
    Yes!  You get all minor updates at no charge. Major updates will be available at a discounted price.   Most updates will be minor updates. A major update will be an overhaul of the software. This will require much of my time to do and I am first, a real estate investor.

What do we do if a bug prevents us from working?
     Tell me immediately.  I have been working with FlipSmart for two years and since I designed it I know the quirks. Since I decided to sell it I went through and fixed all those quirks.  I have tried to test it as best as I can but this is software and it is inevitable for a bug or two to creep in.  Tell me of them and I will get a fix ASAP.

Will you offer Tech Support?
     Again, I am a real estate investor first.  I want to make that as clear as possible.  I will get to your questions as soon as I can. Please understand I am not a software company.  I will get to you but I cannot guarantee when. Sometimes that same day, sometimes a week down the road.

Can I use this on more than one computer?
     The license is for up to 3 computers that you are the owner of.

Does FlipSmart installation contain any spyware or adware or anything such as that?
     Absolutely not. You will install only FlipSmart. Nothing else.

Why are you only charging $39.95 when other flipping software cost anywhere from $100 to $400?
     As with the tech support question... I am a real estate investor first.  This comes second. I just did not think it would be fair to ask that much if I am not prepared to be fast with answering tech supoprt questions.  One thing that really gets me po'ed is paying a lot of money for a program and never being able to get an answer from the company when I have questions.  By charging less I am hoping you will understand and accept that you may not get the fastest tech support help.

Will the software run on a MAC?
No. It was designed only for the PC.  I do not use Macs but I think they have a way to run Windows based programs. You will have to ask some one better informed with the Macs.

Any questions related to tech support then go to the tech support page


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